Key Qualities of a Billings United Player

Skill on the Ball

Players will exhibit a high level of skill on the ball. Players should be comfortable with both feet and be able to execute a wide range of skills effectively in game situations.


Players will show a strong degree of awareness on the field. Each player should be constantly scanning the field to know the positions of teammates and opponents.

Decision Making

Players will possess high level decision making ability. Soccer is a fast-paced game and each moment on the ball presents a wide range of options. It is imperative for players to make the right decision based on their location on the field, teammate’s location, opponent’s location, and game scenario.


Billings United embraces the idea that it takes a long time to develop. We believe that it is imperative for our players to engage in the game on their own and work hard in every training session and game.


Players represent our club and our city. Therefore they will display sportsmanship through all interactions. We want players to compete, strive for success, and do so in a positive and sporting manner.


Players should exhibit respect toward every coach and eagerly ask questions to further their knowledge of the game. Players should be ready to implement tactics and seek to understand how those tactics relate to competing in the game.


Players must enjoy playing the game, otherwise there is no point. A game is by definition to be fun and we believe that soccer is the greatest game there is.