Player’s Council

We believe that players should have a voice in the running of their club! We actually believe that by involving players more we will create a better club with clearer expectations and a better soccer experience for all. Under the advisement of 30 of our players who participated in our player focus groups, we have decided to establish a Player’s Council. The Player’s Council will work directly with the directors of the club and will meet monthly.

We are excited to advance our mission of serving the community by helping to involve our young leaders.

We will hold our first Player’s Council on Jan 10, 2018 at 5PM at 2222 Broadwater Ave. Suite 101. Subsequent meetings will be held on Feb 6 at 5PM, and March 6 at 5PM. Meetings will progress and we ask that players who wish to be involved in this do their best to make every meeting. All players who participate in the club are invited to sign up.

Interested players should fill out the form below.