Dairy Queen 3v3

3v3 is an exciting fast paced game of soccer. With fewer players on the field, each player has more opportunities to touch the ball, improve skills, develop quick decision making, score more goals and have loads of FUN! 3v3 is open to male, female and co-ed teams. Parents, players or coaches can organize and manage 3v3 teams. Create your own fun team name and uniform (T-shirt) design. All teams are guaranteed a minimum of two games per night (Games are 2×12 min halves). Players must currently be registered with a spring soccer program for 2018 (Club, YSA, etc..) or an additional $12 fee will be applied. All games will be held at Amend Park on over 20 fields! (field map will be supplied). Each session will have game schedules and field numbers for easy navigation and convenience


Session I

Week 1

• June 5: Youngers

• June 6: Olders

Week 2

• June 12: Youngers

• June 13: Olders

Week 3

• June 19: Youngers

• June 20: Olders

Week 4

• June 26: Youngers

• June 27: Olders

Registration Deadline for session I is June 3


Session II

Week 1

• July 10: Youngers

• July 11: Olders

Week 2

• July 17: Youngers

• July 18: Olders

Week 3

• July 24: Youngers

• July 25: Olders

Week 4

• July 31: Youngers

• Aug 1: Olders

Registration Deadline for session II is July 5


Registration Info

Every participant registers as an individual. When they register they may indicate the name of the team they would like to participate with and the contact person for their team. If they do not have a team they may indicate the need to be placed on a team. Additionally, we are asking that players who do sign up for a team have a primary contact provide a roster to kevin.luse@rocky.edu. Below you will find a link to the roster form you will send to Kevin Luse. Please direct all questions regarding 3v3 to Kevin at kevin.luse@rocky.edu.

Roster Link Here


3v3 Rules


Youngers: Players with a birth year between 2012-2004

Olders: Players with a birth year between 1999-2003


Youngers: Tuesdays 6:00-8:00PM

Olders: Wednesdays 6:00-8:00PM





Game Schedule

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