School Programs

Billings United is proud to announce a free soccer program for children in Billings. This program begins at Newman Elementary on September 13 and runs through October 21. We will expand on this program throughout the course of the year to serve additional schools.

Program Description

Billings United will partner with Newman Elementary School to provide an after-school soccer program. The purpose of this program will be to introduce children K-5 to the beautiful game of soccer and the requisite skills of teamwork, social bonding and communication. Soccer provides a great platform to enhance a child’s self-esteem and leadership skills. The safe and fun environment provided by Billings United coaches will be a catalyst for growth in these skills and a launching point for the development of a greater sense of community between private clubs and public schools.

Program Benefits

• Introduction to lifelong participation in sport

• Increased self-esteem through learning of new skills

• Positive and safe environment for release of energy and tension

• Access to positive role models

• Sense of belonging, development of teamwork and fun


Newman Elementary School


Sept 12-Oct 17, 3-5PM



Coaching Staff

Lead coaches: Kyle Bakas, Michelle Beare, Joe Frank

Staff coaches: Chasen, Jace, Mario, John Dor